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» Taxi, ride-hailing commissions capped at 20%: report

Taxi, ride-hailing commissions capped at 20%: report

In Local News , Public Transport / By Jonathan Lee / / Buy Cheap For Sale Cheap Sale Newest Mih Jeans Woman Long Sleeved Lavender Size XS Mih Jeans jxinRjwj4I

It’s been reported that the commission earned by taxi and ride-hailing companies has been capped at 20% of the total fare, following complaints that these services were charging drivers up to 25% in commissions. According to , transport minister Anthony Loke said that the maximum commission rate was previously set at 20% for private vehicles and 10% for taxis.

“The surcharge rate is also limited to twice the fare charge,” he said, adding that the new law is an extension of Bodywear Womens 993EF1T902/TESSA/UNDERWIRE Bra Esprit Free Shipping Explore OyA5Xhc2F
, which legalised ride-hailing services like Grab. Loke also said that there would be a one-year grace period for these companies to comply.

We’ve already reported on the other regulations set to be introduced , including a requirement for ride-hailing service providers to register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia and Cooperatives Commission of Malaysia, as well as drivers to apply for a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license and conduct annual Puspakom inspections. All vehicles must also have a minimum three-star ASEAN NCAP rating.

“We have also standardised the periodic inspection of vehicles to once a year after the vehicles are three years old, for both taxis and e-hailing, instead of once every six months for taxi services only,” said Loke. All service providers must also provide insurance coverage for drivers, vehicles, passengers and third parties, and that drivers must undergo a six-hour training stint costing RM200, he added.

On top of that, ride-hailing companies have to prepare a code of conduct and guidelines for driver complaints, which will be audited by the government. Passengers, meanwhile, will have to upload their proof of identity, such as their identity card or passport, to their apps to ensure driver safety.

Lastly, existing taxi drivers wishing to join ride-hailing services will be provided a RM5,000 grant to purchase a new or used vehicle, which will also be applicable for drivers whose mortgage contracts with taxi companies have ended, and who wish to continue driving under individual permits.

Loke said that the rising number of ride-hailing trips in Malaysia shows the popularity of these services. “It went up from six million trips a month in 2016 to 18 million a month this year. We have 200,000 registered e-hailing drivers and of the number, 50,000 are full-time. As for taxis, we have 67,000 of them nationwide, of which 52% are individually owned,” he said.

In other news, the transport ministry is also working with the Anti-Competition Commission to investigate Grab for possible monopoly after merging with Uber’s Malaysian business in March. Conversely, Grab said that it would have liked the government to consult the industry before announcing the regulations, as it would affect hundreds of thousands of drivers.

“We have just been alerted of the ‘regulatory suggestions’ and have yet to receive the formal operational directive,” said Grab Malaysia country head Sean Goh.

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After trying to pursue a career in product design, Jonathan Lee decided to make the sideways jump into the world of car journalism instead. He therefore appreciates the aesthetic appeal of a car, but for him, the driving experience is still second to none.


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5 Jan, 2017, 10:11 am

You can just add a new property in Google Search Console. I’ve added a link to Google instructions how to do this to the article. As for Google Analytics, if you follow the steps described in the article, you should be fine. Is there anything in these steps that is not clear?

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7 Sep, 2017, 2:29 am

There’s one thing I would add, Rogier – and that would be to update the property association near the bottom of the Property screen via “Adjust Search Console.” You’ll have to delete the existing association and add the new https property. Also, in specifying the preferred domain in Search Console, the http/s option doesn’t appear.. the choice is between www. and non-www, and carries through both http and https variants… at least, that’s what I’m seeing.

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7 Sep, 2017, 10:33 am

Hi Jon,

thanks for the suggestion and indeed the choice is between www and non-www, I’ve updated the article. Thanks!

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7 Jan, 2017, 1:51 pm

Thanks for the article! One question: Do we have to add a new property in Google Analytics with https instead? Or is making the switch from http to https as you described here all we need to do? I followed the article, and in analytics it still shows at the top Haute Hippie Woman Take It Easy Oneshoulder Crepe De Chine Top Leaf Green Size M Haute Hippie Clearance Authentic Clearance Marketable Cheap Sale Outlet 2QEUGs3v7
instead of https. Is this normal? I have it set to https as you showed here but just want to clarify that this is all I need to do, or if I should add another property in analytics. Your clarification will be appreciated!!

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7 Jan, 2017, 2:04 pm

It sounds like you’ve done it right. Is it possible the name of your property is “http://domain.com”? the name doesn’t have to contain the protocol, it’s just a descriptive name.

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7 Jan, 2017, 5:02 pm

Hello, i already add all 4 variant URL to Webmaster and those are verified. But…i don’t know how to set one of the https domains as “preferred domain”. Can you help please ?

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7 Jan, 2017, 5:14 pm

I’ve updated the article with instructions how to set a domain as preferred domain.

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